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Angiographic Catheter


Power through a small diameter

An angiographic or diagnostic catheter is intended for use in angiographic procedures. It delivers radiopaque media and therapeutic agents to selected sites in the vascular system. It is also used to lead a guidewire or a catheter to the target site.

The Outlook 4 Fr (1.40 mm) has a large lumen to allow contrast media to be injected at high flow rates and is designed to exhibit good torque control.1

The catheter inserter on the pigtail catheter can be used to straighten the catheter tip for easier insertion into the sheath. After catheter insertion, it can be peeled off the catheter. Fixed strain relief prevents the catheter from kinking at its proximal end.1


  • The thin wall structure permits flow rates up to 23 ml/sec (saline) and a maximum pressure limit of 1,200 psi (8.274 kPa)1
  • Braiding with variable pitch offers partial proximal rigidity and increased flexibility at the distal end2
  • The Tiger and BLK curves enable angiography of right and left coronary arteries using either a radial or brachial approach. This single catheter concept decreases procedure and fluoroscopy times, providing both procedural and cost-efficiency3

General specifications

​Pressure limit4 Fr (1.40 mm) – 1200 psi
Guidewire compatibility0.038" (0.97 mm)
Outer diameter of the shaft4 Fr / 1.40 mm
Inner diameter of the shaft0.041'' / 1.03 mm

Item specifications

Shape nameShape codeSide holesLength (cm)Item reference
Amplatz Right AR-2​-0​​100
Radial Tiger II-5.0​-​0100
Amplatz Left AL-2​-​0​100​RQ-4AL2000M
Simmons/Sidewinder 1​-​0​100​RQ-BA14110M
Radial Tiger II-4.0​-​0​100​RQ-4TR4000M
Amplatz Right AR-JP​-​0​100​RQ-4ARJP00M
Amplatz Right AR-1​-​0​100​RQ-4AR1000M
Amplatz Left AL-3​-​0​100RQ-4AL3000M​
​Simmons/Sidewinder 2​-​0​100​RQ-BA24110M
Amplatz Left AL-1​-​0​100​RQ-4AL1000M
Radial Tiger II-3.5​-1
Radial Tiger I -4.0​-1​100​RQ-4TIG110M
Radial Tiger II-4.0​-1​100​RQ-4TR4010M
​Cobra Middle​-0​​80RQ-AB54108M​
​Radial L-40
​Mini Cath-Standard 60°
​Mini Cath-Standard-​​0​20​RQ*BH94102M
Mini Cath-Standard-​​0​30​RQ*BH94103M
​Vertebral (Soft Tip)​-​0​100​RQ-BHA4110M
Judkins LeftJL-3.50100RQ-4JL3500M
Judkins LeftJL-3.50100​RQ*4JL3500M
Judkins LeftJL-4.00100RQ-4JL4000M
Judkins LeftJL-4.0​0​100​RQ*4JL4000M
Judkins LeftJL-5.00100RQ-4JL5000M
Judkins LeftJL-5.0​0​100​RQ*4JL5000M
Judkins LeftJL-6.00100RQ-4JL6000M
​Judkins Right​CR-250​80​​RQ-4CR2508M
Judkins RightJR-3.50100RQ-4JR3500M
Judkins RightJR-3.5​0​100​RQ*4JR3500M
Judkins RightJR-4.00100RQ-4JR4000M
Judkins RightJR-4.0​0​100​RQ*4JR4000M
Judkins RightJR-5.00100RQ-4JR5000M
Judkins RightJR-5.0​0​100​RQ*4JR5000M
MultipurposeEl Gamal 20100RQ-4MP4100M
Internal MammaryIM-Short tip0100RQ-4BPIR00M
Internal MammaryIM-JP type0100RQ-4BPJP00M
Straight PigtailPIG8110RQ-4SP0081M
Straight PigtailPIG​8​100​RQ*4SP0081M
Straight PigtailPIG890RQ-4SP0089M
Straight PigtailPIG865RQ-4SP008GM
Straight PigtailPIG-Small465RQ-4SPS04GM
Angled PigtailPIG-145°8110RQ-4AP4581M
​​Angled Pigtail


Units per box: 5 pcs


1 Terumo Instructions for Use, Outlook catheter.
2 Data on file. Ref TAC-001.
3 Seong-Man Kim et al, 2005. Novel Diagnostic Catheter specifically designed for both coronary arteries via the right transradial approach. The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging. 2005, 10.007/s10554-005-9029-8.

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