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NaviCrossTM Support Catheter is dedicated to reach and cross complex lesions in challenging anatomy. 

Available in 0.035’’ and 0.018’’ wire compatibility, NaviCrossTM supports your success in both femoro-popliteal and below-the-knee interventions. 

The addition of Radifocus Glidewire Advantage TrackTM to your toolkit provides with additional performance, for the most challenging cases.  

The addition of an extra-stiff stainless-steel proximal core shaft makes a guidewire that easily navigates, while providing with excellent pushability and support  

Available in 0.018’’ and 0.014’’ sizes, Radifocus Glidewire Advantage TrackTM supports your success in both, femoro-popliteal and below-the-knee interventions 

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Navicross Guidewire Advantage animation

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