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Terumo to Develop Smartphone-type Device to Control Insulin Pump

​Terumo Corporation (TSE: 4543) today announced that it has partnered with an European company to co-develop a new technology to enable MEDISAFE WITH insulin patch pump to be controlled by a smartphone-type device. With this upgrade, Terumo aims to enhance the operability of MEDISAFE WITH as well as allowing insulin pump therapy to be harmonized into the day-to-day life of people with diabetes. The smartphone-type device will be dedicated to controlling the MEDISAFE WITH.

8/11/2021 - TOKYO, JAPAN

"With this development, we aim to enable people with diabetes to 'feel less diabetic' than ever before" commented Yoshiya Kikawa, general manager, DM and Consumer Healthcare Group of Terumo. Insulin pump therapy reduces the frequency of insulin injection. However, there are still added restrictions and burden involved; such as the complexity of controlling the pump system and social stigma related to diabetes.

In 2021, Terumo celebrates its 100th anniversary. This year also marks the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin. While medical technology has progressed over the years, there is still no definite cure for Type 1 diabetes. As such, people with Type 1 diabetes live facing the disease everyday. Terumo will continue to contribute to the treatment of diabetes and take on the challenge of providing better medical care and solving societal issues.

Smartphone-type device for controlling MEDISAFE WITH

Poster visual for Terumo's 100th anniversary and 100th anniversary of insulin discovery


About Insulin Pump Therapy (CSII: Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion)

Type 1 diabetes is caused by an autoimmune reaction in which the body's immune system attacks the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. As a result, the body produces very little or no insulin. Currently there are over 1,100,000 Type 1 diabetes patients under the age of 20 and this number is increasing year by year.*1

To maintain appropriate glucose levels, patients with Type 1 diabetes need daily insulin injections, usually up to 4 times a day. Chronically high level of glucose may lead to complications such as retinopathy and nephropathy.

Insulin pump therapy is a treatment in which insulin is continuously administered using a portable pump. The insulin is delivered into the patient's body through a subcutaneously inserted cannula. Because the insulin dosage can be adjusted accurately depending on day-to-day activities such as exercise and meal choice, it is expected to improve glucose management, and to help preventing complications*2, *3.



MEDISAFE WITH first launched in 2018, as Japan's first patch pump. Due to its wearable design, users can enjoy the benefits of an insulin pump therapy without their activities being restricted from tubes. A detachable pump filled with insulin is attached to the body and insulin is administered continuously through a plastic cannula.

Various settings such as basal and bolus can be adjusted using a touch panel remote controller via wireless connection.

Patch pumps are perceived to be less accurate at insulin delivery compared to durable tube-type pumps. However, MEDISAFE WITH is equipped with proven high level of accuracy similar to tube-type insulin pumps*4 by using a unique delivery technology called iCURADRIVETM. With these features, MEDISAFE WITH is currently an integral part of over 500 patients' lives in Japan and is marketed in Europe since early 2021.

Patient wearing MEDISAFE WITH

Administering insulin with MEDISAFE WITH


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About Terumo

Terumo (TSE:4543) is a global leader in medical technology and has been committed to "Contributing to Society through Healthcare" for 100 years. Based in Tokyo and operating globally, Terumo employs more than 25,000 associates worldwide to provide innovative medical solutions in more than 160 countries and regions. The company started as a Japanese thermometer manufacturer, and has been supporting healthcare ever since. Now, its extensive business portfolio ranges from vascular intervention and cardio-surgical solutions, blood transfusion and cell therapy technology, to medical products essential for daily clinical practice such as transfusion systems, diabetes care, and peritoneal dialysis treatments. Terumo will further strive to be of value to patients, medical professionals, and society at large.