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Terumo initiates clinical study to evaluate newly developed adhesion barrier product

28/08/2012 - Tokyo, Japan

‚ÄčTerumo Corporation (TSE: 4543 Section 1) today announced the start of a clinical study to evaluate the performance of a newly developed product intended to prevent adhesion formation after surgical procedures. The study will take place at several medical institutions in Europe.

Post-surgical adhesions occur frequently in abdominal and pelvic surgery and are potentially dangerous as they may cause internal organs to attach to the surgical site or to other organs. Adhesions are associated with significant post-surgical morbidity including bowel obstruction, infertility, and chronic pain. An adhesion barrier is a film like material that can be used to reduce post-surgical adhesions by separating internal tissues and organs.

To prevent post-surgical adhesions and improve patient Quality of Life, Terumo has developed a spray gel adhesion barrier which is easily applied even in complex surgical fields in both laparoscopic and open surgery. While in place, the adhesion barrier acts as a physical barrier to separate traumatized tissue surfaces so that they do not adhere to one another while they heal. The Terumo product is made of a bio-absorbable polymer. Once the tissue surfaces heals, the adhesion barrier dissolves and is absorbed by the body, eliminating as such any possible consequence of permanent presence of foreign material inside the body.

Professor De Wilde, from Pius Hospital, Oldenburg, Germany, the coordinating investigator of the study said: "I am very pleased to lead this study with a new adhesion barrier because post-operative adhesions are still a major problem in our daily practice. We are now a big step forward and hope that the results will meet our expectations".

Dr. Korell, from Johanna Etienne Hospital, Neus, Germany, who enrolled the first patients in this study commented: "I am very excited with the opportunity to be the first in the world to test this product in the patient. The system is easy to use and our expectations are high that this promising new material will be efficient".

By introducing its adhesion barrier Terumo aims for safer surgical procedures, better patients outcome, and increased Quality of Life.

About Terumo Corporation

Tokyo-based Terumo Corporation is one of the world's leading medical device manufacturers with $5 billion in sales and operations in more than 160 nations. Founded in 1921, the company develops, manufactures, and distributes world-class medical devices including products for use in cardiothoracic and laparoscopic surgery, interventional procedures, and transfusion medicine; the company also manufactures a broad array of syringe and hypodermic needle products for hospital and physician office use.

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