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Terumo Europe to Create an Interventional Oncology Division

Terumo Europe today announced the creation of an Interventional Oncology division as of April 1st, 2015

11/4/2014 - Leuven, Belgium

​Interventional Cardiology and Oncology as well as treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) are the three pillars of Terumo Europe Interventional Systems. Until now, PAD treatment and Interventional Oncology were managed as one entity. The specialization of the Interventional Oncology team will allow Terumo Europe to be more focused, and thus more efficient in this fast growing market.

Terumo Europe was the pioneer and it is currently the leading company in Interventional Oncology, with strong presence in this field for over ten years. This new organization will definitely reinforce the commitment of Terumo Europe with oncology patients and healthcare professionals by bringing to the market new products already in development, and their clinical data through a comprehensive clinical trial program.

Peter Coenen, president of Terumo Europe Interventional Systems commented: “We have an exciting portfolio of in-house products coming up and we plan significant clinical investments. We believe that specialized teams will increase Terumo Europe’s leadership in this field. It will strengthen our relationship within the medical community.”

With more than 90 years’ experience of developing superior medical devices, Terumo has a leading portfolio of Interventional Oncology Solutions. These combinations offer a complete, high-quality solution for new developments in cancer treatment. Cancer patients and medical specialists are to continue benefiting from cutting-edge developments in Interventional Oncology being pioneered by Terumo.