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Research confirms: turmoil and controversy was unjustified

“The possible health risks of injection needles from Terumo and other manufacturers, is negligible. There is no reason not to use these injection needles” said the Health Care Inspectorate (Netherlands) and the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Belgium). Terumo notes that all the turmoil and controversy about injection needles, was unjustified.

5/7/2015 - Leuven, Belgium

​The Health Care Inspectorate further announces: “Together with British and Belgian experts, RIVM has investigated whether glue in the needles is a potential health risk. The conclusion is that this risk is negligible. Also, from the substances contained in the adhesive is not a health damage to expect.” And on plastic particles in the needles of different manufacturers: “On flushing the needles, very small numbers of particles prove to be released. These cannot be seen with a microscope. However, the amount of particles remains below the standard that applies for liquids that are injected. Therefore, also from this no adverse health effects are to be expected.”

The study confirms the view that Terumo has been spreading right from the beginning. The turmoil and controversy arose after the broadcasts on 23 March and 15 April of the Dutch TV programme EenVandaag. Here, quotes were tendentiously selected from research, bits of information were placed in a different context, facts were distorted and also the two programmes contain lies. Investigation from the authorities have now rectified both broadcasts. Terumo asks again and urgently EenVandaag to stop baseless and false accusations.

Continuous improvements

Terumo Europe produces 600,000,000 injection needles annually. The total number of complaints, including complaints caused by improper use, amounted in 2014 to: 125. The aim is to reduce this number continuously. Terumo adopts the improvements signalled by the authorities. Although the authorities have identified no shortcomings that pose health risks, Terumo strives to have the best production and the best quality system.

As part of normal operations, Terumo also has started late 2014, setting up a whistleblower scheme. This will be implemented during the month of May 2015. Besides, Terumo has convincingly proven that the claims of the two whistleblowers in the Dutch TV programme EenVandaag, lack any basis.

A free and independent press is essential in the evaluation of public organisations like Terumo Europe. Terumo recognises and respects the role of the media in our society. This role, however, also brings with it the duty of care. Which has been violated in this case.

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