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Announcement of a New Corporate Logo Mark

Terumo Corporation (TSE: 4543 Section 1) today announced that it has established a new corporate logo mark. The mark will gradually start being used from now on.

8/8/2014 - Tokyo, Japan


Background Information

After foundation in 1921, Terumo continues its business under the corporate mission of "Contributing to Society through Healthcare." With its recent shift to Company-led Management, Terumo is promoting its global operations than ever before. Towards the stakeholders around the world, the establishment of the new mark serves to show the company’s determination in further contributing to healthcare over the next generations.

As a symbol of "Challenge for Innovation"

The concept of the new logo mark is "Challenge for Innovation." The design inherits value and confidence that Terumo has developed over the years, while also representing its strong will in taking challenges to generate innovations that help patients and medical practitioners. Keeping the new logo mark in their hearts, associates in the Terumo Group work together to further strive to realize the corporate mission.

New Corporate Logo Mark

  • The curved line extends from the left to right expresses a spirit of "Challenge for Innovation," with the aim of providing new value to the medical frontlines
  • The red color of the line indicates patients’ lives as well as Terumo associates’ passion
  • The curved shape of the line represents the arc of the Earth, which is an indication of Terumo’s acceleration in its development of innovations
  • The green color of "TERUMO" shows unchanging values that Terumo has developed and continues to hold in the future

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