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Improving Patient Safety and Outcomes through Training

For clinicians seeking best-in-class medical technologies we are providing advanced clinical solutions and training programmes to help you improve patient safety and quality of care.


Terumo Cardiovascular offers educational training sessions where experienced clinicians share advanced techniques and best practices during OPCAB surgery, on EVH during coronary surgery cases or how to prevent bleeding complications during aortic valve repair cases. Gain CEU credit points by receiving the latest information about perfusion safety in the cardiac operation room, Goal Directed Perfusion- Reducing Acute Kidney Injury and post-operative delirium or by checking out the clinical practice guidelines.
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Individual training support tailored to your needs

Whether you are a novice or an expert, Terumo Cardiovascular’s educational programme has something for everyone. Our comprehensive training consists of a dedicated clinical support team, proprietary simulation training equipment, and European-wide training facilities to provide you with the best possible education and training programme. Terumo’s clinical team of ‘in-the-field’ experts will work with you to customise a comprehensive solution that fits your team’s training needs. There are options to visit one of our training centres, book a virtual training or request an in-house ‘hands-on’ session. Contact your local Terumo sales representative to schedule your individual training programme.

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