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Vascular Closure Devices

Angio-Seal™ - Vascular closure device

​The Angio-Seal vascular closure device uses three bioabsorbable components to actively seal the arteriotomy:

Intravascular: placed against the inside of the vessel wall.

Extravascular: placed on top of the arteriotomy in the tissue tract.

Cinches the anchor and collagen together to form a secure seal.

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FemoSeal™ - Vascular closure device

​The FemoSeal vascular closure device uses 3 bioabsorbable components to actively seal the arteriotomy:

Two bioabsorbable polymer discs

  • An inner disc deployed intra-arterially
  • An outer locking disc deployed on the outer wall of the artery

Hemostasis is achieved by sealing the arteriotomy between the two discs, which are held together by bioabsorbable sutures complete with friction lock

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