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​Our Drug-Eluting Microspheres Portfolio includes: 

  • LifePearl™ microspheres have specific features that offer value in DEM-TACE procedures. Veloso et al2 reported results from one of the largest multicentric cohorts of unresectable HCC patients (n=580) treated with LifePearl™ microspheres to date with over 4 years Median OS (50.8 months [95% CI 44.7–NE]) and 60.1% complete response rate exceeding what is reported in previous studies.3,4,5
  • Biopearl™ microspheres are our latest innovation in TACE treatment :
    • First resorbable drug-eluting microspheres
    • Progressive blood flow restoration6
    • Sustained chemotherapeutic drug release (in-vitro)7
    • Embolic effect6

​The Holmium Platform delivers a first in SIRT: a comprehensive end-to-end platform for treating unresectable liver tumours.
The Holmium Platform consists of three integrated products that allow you to select patients with confidence, deliver treatment with precision, and plan and verify with accuracy.
The Holmium Platform: delivering Individualized Treatment to the right Patient.​

​​TATO (Thermal Ablation Treatments for Oncology) is a 2.450 Mhz Microwave Thermal Ablation System that allows you to enhance the visibility and control on your ablation procedures, using up to 4 antennas simultaneously. Individualize the HCC treatment in open surgery, percutaneous or laparoscopic approach by choosing among 11G, 14G, 17G, and 18G antennas in various lengths. Choose a combination of a number of antennas, gauge, time, and power applied, to achieve from very small to very large ablation areas. The low presence of artifacts and gas bubbles allows to see vital structures and ablation progression under ultrasound guidance8, to approach challenging locations with confidence.

Progreat™ Micro Catheter System, Progreat Lambda™ Microcatheter System and RADIFOCUS Guide Wire GT with gold coil are Terumo legacy​ solutions for a precise and selective access to target lesions, designed for uncompromised navigability9 and controlled therapeutic embolization.

Occlusafe™ Temporary Occlusion Balloon Microcatheter​ is a balloon-microcatheter which allows a local flow redistribution, resulting in an high-density accumulation of the therapeutics into the target lesion10 and in a reduced non-target  embolization.11

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