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Terumo at PCR 2020

June 25 - 27


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Moderator: Dr. Tom Johnson
Participants: Dr. Bernard Chevalier, Dr. Thierry Lefèvre

Learning objectives:
Understand the best treatment options for patients presenting with left main and complex bifurcation lesions
Share a benchtop simulation of bifurcation techniques
Learn how to optimise both strategy and technique
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Moderator: Dr. Davide Capodanno
Participants: Dr. Ken Kozuma, Dr. Peter Smits and Dr. Marco Valgimigli

Learning objectives:
Learn from experts the complexity of HBR patients
Discover newest data on DAPT in this population
Get first hand update on upcoming major development in DAPT for HBR patients
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Moderator: Dr. Marco Roffi
Participants: Dr. Mamas Mamas and Dr. Bernard Chevalier

Learning objectives:
Understand the value of BIG DATA from global registries in interventional cardiology
Explore regional differences in PCI and potential impact on clinical outcomes
Learn how large registry data can impact your practice