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Terumo at ECIO 2019

April 08 - 11

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Terumo booth 13

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A warm welcome from Prof. Dr. Marnix G.E.H. Lam
University Clinical Center Utrecht

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Professor Marnic Lam, Utrecht, Nederlands 
Professor Dirk Arnold, Hamburg, Germany


Dr Arthur Braat, Utrecht, Netherlands
Dr Irene Bargellini, Pisa, Italy
Dr Carlo Chiesa, Milan, Italy
Professor Ralf Hoffmann, Dresden, Germany

Agenda (interactive voting session):

Introduction and Objectives - Professor Dirk Arnold
Treating mNET with Holmium SIRT - New hope for patients - Dr Arthur Braat
Interactive Tumour Board Discussion
Questions and Answers

Hands-on Device Training Hands-on Device Training Hands-on Device Training Hands-on Device Training