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Advanced TACE

​Taking TACE to the next level

​Our ultimate goal by taking TACE to the next level: to Prolong HCC patients Life expectancy.

Improving complete response rates and maintaining this response lead to an increase in overall survival1:

  • DEM-TACE treatments reach high complete response rates1
  • 60.1% Complete response rate leading to over 4 years overall survival (50.8month) (n=580 patients)1
  • Even when multiple treatments are required for larger, complex tumours2
  • 20% of patients achieved complete response after 3rd or 4th TACE procedures (n=97)2​


  1. ​​​Veloso Gomes et al Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol 2023 (Pooled analysis)​
  2. de Baere T et al. Cancers (Basel) 2020;12:E3405 (PARIS registry)​

Breaking new data with Advanced TACE

Watch the videos below - which are of presentations from ECIO 2021.

What the evidence says

Discover our clinical evidence and case studies concerning this topic.

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