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Radifocus® Introducer II M Coat™ - Introducer sheath

Terumo’s hydrophilic M Coating on the sheath surface minimizes spasms and enhances patient comfort.1

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Radifocus® Introducer II Transradial Kit - Introducer sheath

Being a pioneer and a leader in vascular access, Terumo’s goal is to offer a complete solution for transradial interventions with devices that minimize patient stress and optimize transradial procedures.

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Glidesheath Slender® - Transradial introducer sheath

Glidesheath Slender offers the smallest option for procedures requiring 5, 6 and 7 Fr sheaths.1 The proprietary thin-wall technology reduces the outside diameter of the introducer sheath by 1 Fr while maintaining a larger inner-diameter equivalent. The sheath is designed to maximize procedural outcomes, supporting transradial intervention every day.

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