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UV Treo™ Advanced Temperature Management System

Cooling and Heating System


​Dual channel heater-cooler with on-board sanitizing ultraviolet light

​The UV Treo™ Advanced Temperature Management System provides reliable heating and cooling solutions so clinicians can focus on the best possible patient outcomes. The UV Treo System's intelligent design prevents potentially harmful contaminated water from aerosolizing in the operating room. This is accomplished through sealed air flow channels which are isolated from the water source. The on-board ultraviolet (UV) light and validated cleaning process for sanitization provides six log (99.9999%) reduction of waterborne bacteria.1,2


​Safety Specifications

• On-board UV light for sanitization

• Water and exhaust containment prevent aerosolization and cross contamination

• Engineered for use with sterile water or water that has been passed through a ≤ 0.22 μ filter

• Splash seal prevents overflow and hinders bacteria introduction into the cooling air stream

• Defibrillation proof

Performance Specifications

• Two independent channels with operating temperatures from 1.5 °C – 41 °C, +/- 1.0 °C

• Quiet operation — <57 dB while compressor and pumps are running

• Up to three external devices can be used simultaneously; oxygenator, blanket and cardioplegia heat exchangers

Ease of Use

• Rotating color touch screen interface and optional remote control

• Simple, intuitive graphic user interface

• Priming feature for deairing of water lines

• Power drain technology for swift and easy water change (no gravity differential needed)

• Gradient mode feature is physiologically optimized for increased patient safety

Validated Cleaning Protocol3

• UV light sanitization — once per week

• Change water — once per month

• Chemical clean — once per quarter

Flexible Operation

• Color touch screen interface — rotates +/- 157°

• Optional remote control identical to on-board touch screen

General specifications

​System Performance
​Outlet water temperature setpoint control range
​1.5 °C – 41 °C
Outlet water temperature setpoint resolution​
​0.1 °C
Outlet water temperature setpoint control accuracy​
​+/- 1.0 °C
​Outlet water temperature display range
​0 °C – 50.0 °C
​Outlet water temperature setpoint display resolution
​0.1 °C
​Outlet water flow maximum (No Load)
​P 11.3 L/min. C 10.0 L/min. B 1.7 L/min.*
​Maximum outlet pressure
​89.000 Pa

*P= Patient, C= Cardioplegia, B= Blanket

​Product Specifications
​1.06 m
​0.50 m
​0.53 m
​Weight (tank empty)
166 kg​
​Weight (tank full)
​206 kg
​Water Capacity
40 liters​
System Power​​230V +/-10% 50 Hz
​Heating Power
​4800W total
2400 W/channel

Item specifications

​Order number
​UV Treo™ Advanced Temperature Management System


​Order number
​Gentherm PlastiPad Model 195N Narrow Adult/OR Table Blanket
​Gentherm Model 285-12 12' Connecting Hose for 50103 Blanket
​Remote Touch Screen Assembly (includes cable and clamp)

Manufactured by Gentherm Medical, LLC and distributed by Terumo Europe NV.


1 6 log reduction: Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

   4 log reduction: M. Chimera

2,3Data on file at Gentherm

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