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Terumo Finetouch®



Gentle blood collection

​Lancet with protected, hollow needle.

This product is intended for capillary blood sampling from the fingertip, earlobe or heel.

Only for use with lancing devices Terumo Finetouch and Medisafe Finetouch II.


  • Functional needle design

    • ​Hollow needle specially cut for noticeable pain reduction.1
    • Penetration depth from minimal 0.3mm to 1.8mm allows particularly gentle blood sampling.

  • Easy and hygienic use

    • The lancet needle is surrounded by a plastic holder, before and after penetration, preventing needle stick injury.

    • The lancet holder protects the lancing device from skin contact and contamination with blood, thus preventing cross-contamination.

    • The lancet is easy to attach and inserted into the lancing device in one simple move. When you hear a clear “click”, the lancing device is ready for use.

    • The slim lancet holder tip makes the desired puncture site particularly easy to target.

Item specifications

Product PackagingCode

25 / 250 / 2500

30 / 300 / 3000



​For the corresponding Lancing Devices please see also the Lancing Device page: Medisafe Finetouch®II Lancing Device



1  Intra company data shows that puncture with Medisafe Finetouch II lancing device is experienced less painful compared to Terumo Finetouch lancing device.

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