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Infusion Pump (Smart - Midpress)


​A clear view on infusion

​Terumo’s Terufusion Advanced Infusion System offers accurate volumetric pumps for safe use with no extra burden on the healthcare professional. We combine state-of-the-art technologies with ease-of-use to facilitate improved patient outcomes.

Using    leading-edge    technologies, Terufusion™  pumps (Smart) facilitate  easy  and  secure  drug  management,  provide  enhanced  infusion  capabilities, and allows hospital network integration. 


  • ​Comprehensive information at one glance

    Healthcare professionals need to see important information in an efficient, correct and fast manner. All-in-one information on a big colour screen helps healthcare professionals to receive all important information correctly and efficiently.

    On a daily basis healthcare professionals work with  many  different  types of  medication  and  dose  regimes,  which might result in an error. Using  the  Terufusion  Drug  Library  can help to reduce this risk. Drug types can be defined using the colour tag which will be shown on the screen.

  • ​Precaution against unintended infusion

    ​If a healthcare professional forgets to close the roller clamp when removing the tube from  the infusion pump, the risk of free flow is quite high. The Anti Free Flow (AFF) function prevents inadvertent excess infusion by automatically closing the tube with the anti-free flow clip when the door is opened.

  • ​Extensive communication capability

    ​In  addition  to  connectivity  via  the communication rack system  (WIFI,  Wired  LAN  &  RS-232C),  Terufusion Infusion pumps (Smart) offer stand-alone WIFI connectivity. 

    Hospital  professionals  can  upload  drug  libraries  to  pumps, download History data, analyse them in graphical format, and collect feedback for improved operations. Pumps can also be integrated into hospital information systems.


Video instructions


General specifications

​Completing the line-up with syringes and accessories, such as Racks, Terufusion™ Advanced Infusion System is a comprehensive and reliable partner for infusion management optimization.


A balanced and continuous infusion of multiple medications is often imperative to optimize patient treatment. 

Internal  communication  between  Terufusion™ pumps (Smart)  stationed  in  a  Terufusion communication  rack  system provides special functions like piggy back and take over mode for a balanced continuous infusion.

When the pump is attached to the rack, only 1 power cable will supply up to 9 pumps in one rack.

Terufusion™ Infusion Sets

Reliable high accuracy combination of Terumo pump & sets1. Easy setting following the instruction screen of the pump.

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1Flow rate accuracy: within ± 5%

Always consult the product label and IFU for a complete overview of warnings, cautions and/or precautions prior to actual use.

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