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I.V. Catheter


The Surflash™ feature is designed to confirm the entry of the catheter in the vein increasing  first puncture success rate1. The higher success rate increases significantly patient comfort due to less multiple punctures. Additionally less time and material is used and costs per puncture are reduced.

Additionally the Surflash™ I.V. Catheters are opaque and kink resistant further improving the patient comfort and safety.


  • Recommendation for Use

    When using the Surflash™ I.V. Catheters for venipuncture, follow the same procedures and take the same safety precautions as when using our Terumo’s conventional IV catheter models.

    Note: The needle insertion angle in the illustrations differs from actual insertion angle.

Item specifications

ReferenceColour code

​ ​External Diameter



SR*FF2419 Yellow240.670.471915
SR*FF2225 Blue220.850.602535
SR*FF2032 Pink201.100.803260
SR*FF2051 Pink201.100.805155
SR*FF1832 Green181.300.9532100
SR*FF1851 Green181.300.955190
SR*FF1651 Grey161.701.3051190
SR*FF1464 Orange142.171.7364300

Unit box: 50
Shipping carton: 200
Shelf life: 5 years
Sterilisation: EO

Please note that some products may not be available in all regions, check with your local TERUMO Pharmaceuticals Solutions contact for details.

​Healthcare professionals, please contact your local TERUMO Medical Products contact for details.


1Sugita T et al, Comparison of Surflo® and Surflo-FlashTM in Venipuncture and Indwelling of Needle, Ohu University Dental Hospital Journal. 2001. Vol. 28 (1); 27-31​

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