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StableSoft™ II Stabilizer Attachments

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​Work Smarter Without Skipping a Beat

​The StableSoftTM II Stabilizers Attachements are mechanical non-suction stabilizers and provide a similar malleable footprint as the TitanTM Stabilizers Attachement. They are available with regular and long shaft and are compatible with the HerculesTM 3 Universal Stabilizer Arm.

Item specifications

Mechanical Stabilizers

​Description​Catalog #​Units/Case
​StableSoft II Stabilizer Attachment, shaft connectionT4012445​
StableSoft II LS Stabilizer Attachment, long shaft connection​T401245​5​

Sold separately:

Hercules™ 3 Universal Stabilizer Arm & Herc FlecTM Stablilizer Arm

​Description​Catalog #​Units/Case

​HerculesTM 3 Universal Stabilizer Arm, shaft connection

​Herc FlexTM Stabilizer Arm, shaft connection

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