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Radifocus® Guidewire M Non-Vascular

Guide Wire


Radifocus Guidewire M Non-Vascular is a standard and stiff Nitinol hydrophilic guidewire covered with polyurethane containing tungsten and a hydrophilic polymer coating (M Coat) for non-vascular procedures (endourology).

Indicated for use in non-vascular procedures such as endoscopic and urologic applications (drainage, endoprothesis placement, and embolization), catheterization, and exchange procedures in normal, tortuous, narrow, tight, and stenotic ducts (bile and pancreatic ducts).


  • Highly flexible tapered tip for atraumatic and controlled navigation through the non-vascular structures
  • Hydrophilic "M" polymer coating for frictionless steerability and trackability
  • Radiopaque polyurethane  jacket for good fluoroscopic visibility and controlled navigation
  • Superelastic Nitinol core:
    • Features adaptable shape memory
    • Provides high flexibility
    • Prevents kinking for swift device exchange
  • One-piece construction with one-to-one torque transmission for predictable navigation
  • Rounded atraumatic tip to prevent any guidewire-induced trauma and frictionless guidewire insertion

General specifications

Core materialStandard or stiff Nitinol
Radiopaque jacketPolyurethane layer containing tungsten
Hydrophilic coating"M" polymer
Guidewire diameters0.020" (0.51 mm) / 0.025" (0.64 mm) / 0.032" (0.81 mm) / 0.035" (0.89 mm)
Guidewire lengths80 cm / 120 cm / 150 cm / 180 cm / 260 cm / 400 cm / 450 cm
Distal flexible length30 mm
Distal curvesStraight / 45° angled
Units per box5

Item specifications

ShaftOuter diameterLengthFlexible lengthDistal curveItem reference
Standard0.035" / 0.89 mm150 cm30 mmAngledNV-GA35153M
Standard0.035" / 0.89 mm120 cm30 mmAngled NV-GA35123M
Standard0.035" / 0.89 mm80 cm30 mm AngledNV-GA35083M
Standard0.035" / 0.89 mm150 cm30 mmStraightNV-GS35153M
Stiff0.035" / 0.89 mm150 cm30 mmAngledNV-PA35153M
Stiff0.035" / 0.89 mm180 cm30 mm StraightNV-PS35183M
Stiff0.035" / 0.89 mm150 cm30 mmStraightNV-PS35153M
Standard0.032" / 0.81 mm260 cm30 mmAngledNV-GA32263M
Standard0.032" / 0.81 mm150 cm30 mm Angled NV-GA32153M
Standard0.035" / 0.89 mm400 cm30 mmAngledNV-GA35403M
Standard0.032" / 0.81 mm400 cm30 mmAngledNV-GA32403M
Standard0.035" / 0.89 mm260 cm30 mmAngledNV-GA35263M
Standard0.035" / 0.89 mm450 cm30 mmAngledNV-GA35453M
Standard0.032" / 0.81 mm150 cm30 mm StraightNV-GS32153M
Standard0.032" / 0.81 mm260 cm30 mmStraightNV-GS32263M
Standard0.032" / 0.81 mm400 cm30 mmStraightNV-GS32403M
Standard0.035" / 0.89 mm260 cm30 mmStraightNV-GS35263M
Standard0.035" / 0.89 mm400 cm30 mmStraightNV-GS35403M
Standard0.035" / 0.89 mm450 cm30 mmStraightNV-GS35453M
Stiff0.020" / 0.51 mm150 cm30 mm Angled NV-PA18153M
Stiff0.020" / 0.51 mm450 cm30 mmAngledNV-PA18453M
Standard0.025" / 0.64 mm150 cm30 mm Angled NV-GA25153M
Stiff0.025" / 0.64 mm450 cm30 mmAngledNV-PA25453M
Stiff0.025" / 0.64 mm150 cm30 mmAngled NV-PA25153M
Standard0.025" / 0.64 mm150 cm30 mmStraightNV-GS25153M
Stiff0.035" / 0.89 mm260 cm30 mmAngledNV-PA35263M
Stiff0.035" / 0.89 mm400 cm30 mmAngledNV-PA35403M
Stiff0.020" / 0.51 mm450 cm30 mmStraightNV-PS18453M
Stiff0.025" / 0.64 mm450 cm30 mmStraightNV-PS25453M
Stiff0.035" / 0.89 mm400 cm30 mmStraightNV-PS35403M
Standard0.035" / 0.89 mm120 cm30 mmStraight NV-GS35123M
Standard0.035" / 0.89 mm180 cm30 mmStraightNV-GS35183M
Standard​0,018¨/ 0,46 mm150 cm​​30 mm​AngledNV-GA18153M
Standard​0,018¨/ 0,46 mm​150 cm​30 mmStraight​NV-GS18153M
​Stiff​0.035" / 0.89 mm​80 cm​30 mmStraight​NV-PS35083M
​Stiff​0.035" / 0.89 mm​180 cm​30 mmStraight​NV-PS35183M
Standard​​0.038" / 0.97 mm​150 cm​30 mmStraight​NV-GS38153M
​Stiff​​0.038" / 0.97 mm​150 cm​30 mmStraight​NV-PS38153M
​Stiff​​0.038" / 0.97 mm​180 cm​30 mmStraight​NV-PS38183M

Please quote above item reference codes when placing an order.
Other code numbers are available on special demand. For any further information, please contact your local Terumo representative.

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