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Ready-to-Fill Polymer Syringe with Tapered Needle


Ready-to-fill Polymer Syringes with Tapered Needle

Designed for better injectability without
compromising patient comfort​

Considerable efforts have been made in the pharmaceutical industry to minimise pain experienced by patients when injecting medication. In the field of pre-fillable syringes, much success has been achieved by reducing the diameter of the needle. However, this may raise injectability challenges, especially in the case of very concentrated drug formulations with greater viscosity. Resistance to flow can be reduced by using a conically-shaped needle with small diameter at the tip and a larger diameter at the bottom. Our recently developed Tapered Needle combines these approaches to further reduce injection forces for viscous drug products without compromising patient comfort. 


​The PLAJEXTM Tapered Needle ready-to-fill syringe consists of a 1 ml long Cyclo Olefin Polymer (COP) barrel with the proprietary conically-shaped Tapered Needle. It provides lower reactivity with proteins, lower subvisible particles, excellent strength and clarity. Injectability is improved while keeping a needle size of only 29G at the point of patient contact.

  1. Tapered Needle
  2. Ready-to-fill format 
  3. ​Silicone oil-free 
  4. Higher resistance to breakage 
  5. Tungsten-free 
  6. Adhesive-free 
  7. Autoclave advantage

The PLAJEXTM Tapered Needle allows a proven reduction in the necessary injection force, especially for highly viscous non-Newtonian fluids such as some monoclonal antibodies. During testing, the injection forces in a syringe system with a 29G Tapered Needle were shown to be lower than those in either a system with a 29G Thin Wall straight needle or a system with a 27G Thin Wall straight needle1.


Relevant product information
PLAJEX TNN Leaflet 2019


1 Advantages of a tapered needle for use in pre-filled biopharmaceutical products, Terumo internal study (March 2019). 

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