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32.5G Pen Needle (4mm / 6mm / 8mm)


One Size Made to Fit All


  • Assymetric bevel

    The unique asymmetric bevel of NANOPASS cuts the skin instead of puncturing it. This decreases the resistance while penetrating the skin* – designed to reduce pain.

    * Intra company data

  • Special thin pen needle size

    The special thin pen needle size of only 32.5G (0.22 mm) causes less skin trauma than larger needle sizes.

  • Terumo–thin wall technology

    The large inner diameter of NANOPASS 32.5 optimizes the insulin flow for an easy insulin injection.

Item specifications


4 mmTN*32504M100 piecesNanopass 4 mm
6 mm TN*32506M100 piecesNanopass 6 mm
8 mmTN*32508M100 piecesNanopass 8 mm

Nanopass®32.5G is not sold in North America. 

Please note that some products may not be available in all regions, check with your local TERUMO Pharmaceuticals Solutions contact for details.

nanopass_ce_mark adjusted.jpg Does not contain components made of natural rubber latex.


1 Patented technology
2 Intra company data show less puncture resistance for the asymmetric edge compared to a standard 3-bevel. Lower puncture resistance is related to lower pain. (T. Asakura, 2013, Jpn J Med Pharm Sci 69(1):147-155)
3 The size of the perforation scar correlates with the outer diameter of the needle (T. Asakura, H. Seino, 2004, Jpn J Pharm. Health Care Sci., 30(06):368-376)
4 For detailed list of compatible devices see NANOPASS pen needle boxes

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