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Muso® Wire

Peripheral Wire


The Muso Wire has a radiopaque spring coil that provides good visibility and shapeability.

Muso Wire is indicated for use in percutaneous angioplasty procedures to guide balloon dilatation catheters or stent systems to the target blood vessel or the target artificial graft in areas other than the cerebral, carotid, or cardiac segments.


  • Low profile; 0.018" (0.46 mm) outer diameter 
  • Good device delivery support due to its firm shaft stiffness 
  • Floppy distal tip minimizes the risk of vessel perforation 
  • Radiopaque spring coil located at the distal section 
  • Two different taper lengths available

General specifications

Guidewire outer diameter0.018" / 0.46 mm
Guidewire length190 cm
Tip configurationStraight (Shapeable)
Core shaft material Stainless steel
Spring coil materialStainless steel and Pt-Ni alloy
Surface coatingPTFE (proximal shaft) / Silicone (distal part)

Item specifications

Item reference​Tapered tip (mm)Spring coil (mm)





Please quote above item reference codes when placing an order​

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