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Medisafe WITH™

Detachable Insulin Patch Pump


For more freedom in everyday life.​

This device is intended to deliver insulin subcutaneously by attaching a pump filled with insulin directly on the abdomen or other area. The pump is operated by a remote control.

Understanding people's everyday life challenges with diabetes, we developed this device with the vision that it should bring relief to patients in all aspects of life, helping to plan daily activities more freely and make life more light-hearted.


  • ​Tube-free and Detachable Pump

    Aiming for an insulin pump that will not restrict patient's movements, Terumo has developed a compact, lightweight, detachable and tube-free insulin pump system

  • Usability

    • ​Less restriction on daily movements

    • Compact and lightweight

    • Can be worn on a wide range of body areas including upper arms etc.

    • Detachable when necessary (e.g. when doing intense exercise)

    • Remote Control allows to manage all operations of the pump

    • Easy to use and intuitive touchscreen

    • Using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) communication

    • ​Dedicated Filling Device that can be operated with one hand

    • Special mechanism helps to avoid air bubble formation

    • Easy handling with less risk to touch the sensible components

    • ​Simple cannula insertion with the infusion set

    • After attaching the patch, the puncturing knob is turned to place the cannula subcutaneously

    • Adhesive does not contain Isobornyl Acrylate (IBOA)

  • ​Reliability

    iCURADRIVE™ Technology accurately controls insulin dosage

  • ​Sustainability

    • ​Detachable design achieves a six-month duration of the electronic main pump unit. Even if insertion of the cannula did not work, the patch can be replaced with continued use of the same main pump unit and cartridge

    • Batteries can be removed from the main pump unit and disposed of separately

Simple Operation – Easy to Understand

Replacement Guide on remote control to provide information on how to use and operate the device easily

Easy-to-understand icons

Easy icons3.png

Operating instructions using animation to provide guidance and support how to use the device

Replacement guide.png

Basal Rate and Bolus Mode with easy-to-understand delivery details

Basal Rate:

Selection of a maximum of 3 patterns according to daily activities. Each pattern can be divided into 48 segments
per 24 hours. Temporary adjustments can also be made
when exercising etc.

​Bolus Mode:

Selection of 4 modes depending on the contents of
meals, etc. ‘Bolus calculation function’ that calculates
the estimated bolus dose from the blood glucose
and carbs

Basal rate screens.png
Bolus screens.png

Secure Alarm Function

Provides details of the problem and troubleshooting method​
​Alarm screen (red)
High degree of urgency
Alert screen (yellow)
Lower degree of urgency
red alarm.png
yellow alam.png

Anti Lost Alarm

Alert notification (ON/OFF setting) can be set for each time period

Anti lost 1.png

Item specifications



Compnents table.png   ΔThe instruction manual is included with the remote control   ΔΔOne protective cover is included in each infusion set shipping unit


All brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of TERUMO CORPORATION and their respective owners.

Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of US Bluetooth SIG, Inc. 

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