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Cardioplegia Set


​A high-performance cardioplegia delivery system with the efficiency required for complex cardioplegia protocols* 

The CAPIOX® Cardioplegia makes cardioplegia solution temperature management and control easy and convenient. The extremely efficient heat exchanger provides the ability to make rapid changes to the temperature of the cardioplegia solution using a single-pass structure. Use of a thermistor probe allows accurate and convenient temperature monitoring.


  • Capiox® heat exchanger

  • Efficient heat exchange

  • Integrated bubble trap

  • Low prime volume

  • 96 micron filter

Ebene 1.png

Conditions: Bovine blood; Hb = 12+1g/dL; Tbi = 30+ 1°C; Twi = 4+1°C; Water flow rate = 15 L/min

General specifications

CAPIOX® CP50 Cardioplegia Set

​Recommended blood flow rateUp to 500 mL/min​
​Prime volume (heat exchanger module only)​52 mL
​Maximum operation pressure

​Blood side: 67 kPa (500 mmHg)

Water side: 203 kPa (29 PsI, 2 ATM)

​Heat exchanger

​Type: straight pipe

Material: stainless steel

Effective surface area: 640 cm³

Potting material: polyurethane

​Filter screen

​Material: polyester

Pore size: 96 microns

Support material: polypropylene


​Blood inlet port: 1/4" (6.4 mm)

Blood outlet port: 3/16" (4.8 mm)

Water ports type: Hansen Quick Connect Fitting

Item specifications

Blood Cardioplegia System with pre-connected Capiox® Cardioplegia
​Description​Catalog #​Units/Case
​2:1 Ratio, 70 shore​CX-FCP21​6
​2:1 Ratio, 60 shore​CX-FCP22​6
​4:1 Ratio, 70 shore​CX-FCP41


​4:1 Ratio, 60 shore​CX-FCP42​6

Accessories for CAPIOX® CP50 Cardioplegia Set

​Description​Catalog #​Units/Case
​Red thermistor wire​CX*BP022


​Blue thermistor wire​CX*BP021​10
Water fitting, quick-connect for use with myocardial protection systems


​* Internal testing, data on file 

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