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AZUR® Framing Coil

Peripheral Coil System


AZUR Framing coil is a platinum coil that offers a three-dimensional shape to cover the wall of an aneurysm or the inner lumen of an artery.

This coil is intended to give greater stability and safety1 in challenging situations such as wide neck aneurysms or high-flow territories.


  • Reduces compartmentalization2 and provides homogeneous coverage with a three-dimensional approach to embolization 
  • Provides even distribution of coil loops at the lesion 
  • No time restriction for repositioning 
  • Long coils for added stability (up to 50 cm) 
  • Conforms to diverse morphologies 
  • Facilitates placement of multiple consecutive framing coils 
  • Each successive loop gently rotates course, changing direction as it is deployed 

General specifications

Core materialPlatinum
Delivery typeElectrical detachment
Coil diameter0.018" (0.46 mm)
Delivery wire length150 cm
Catheter compatibilityMicrocatheter – 0.021" inner lumen

Item specifications

Loop diameter (mm)Length (cm)Item reference









Please quote above item reference codes when placing an order


1 Compared to HydroCoil. Safety: AZUR framing coil is a detachable coil.
2 Compared to HydroCoil

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