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Peripheral Coil System


Control takes a new shape

AZUR CX Peripheral Coil System introduces a new and unique concept: the first and only peripheral HydroCoil with cross-sectional coverage and the benefits of patented hydrogel technology, allowing easy control in high-flow areas.

By matching the Progreat double marker with AZUR detachable coils, the Terumo peripheral coiling solution offers interventional radiologists the precision of neuroradiology procedures in peripheral vessels.


Cross-sectional coverage

  • Complex shape with variable diameter loops for optimal coverage in high-flow areas
  • Small first loop to ease coil placement in tortuous anatomy

Soft, flexible design

  • Second-generation hydrogel technology on coil interior to enhance softness profile1
  • Solid coil core to increase volume fill2

Ease of deployment

  • The AZUR Detachment System delivers precise positioning and placement 
  • The Progreat Double Marker microcatheter system  provides good visibility during detachment

General specifications

​Catheter compatibility

​Coil type ​​Catheter ​​Repositioning time ​
​AZUR CX18​Progreat 2.0 Fr or 2.7 Fr​30 minutes
​AZUR CX35​Glidecath 4.0 Fr or 5.0 Fr​20 minutes

Item specifications

​Detachable 18 system / pack of 1 (hydrogel coil)

​Item referenceLoop diameter (mm)Length* (cm)


Detachable 35 system / pack of 1 (hydrogel coil)

​Item reference​Loop diameter (mm)​Length* (cm)

* Length is calculated from the tip of the coil to the point of connection with the pusher wire when the coil is straight.


Detachment controller for use with detachable systems / pack of 5

Item referenceProduct description
45-4001AZUR detachment controller

 Please quote above product codes when placing an order.


1 Compared to HydroCoils. AZUR CX IFU: AZUR CX is able to be used directly out of the package and does not require steam/water preparation to soften the coil.  The second generation hydrogel technology comes pre-softened on the interior of the coil so that it can be used straight out of the package.
2 Compared to coil when not expanded. Data on file at Microvention. Reference: MV docref 1.

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