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Assistant™ Attachments with StableSoft™ Technology

Surgical Stabilization


Bring a Smart Solution to the Table.

​AssistantTM Attachments are utilized with the HerculesTM 3 Universal Stabilizer Arm and are available in four sizes to accommodate various anatomical and surgical applications. They are malleable and can bend to conform to anatominal shapes, and are ideal for procedures requiring a human hand. The textured, silicone coated surface provides exceptional grip and positional stability, helping to maximize field of view. 

Item specifications

Assistant™ Attachments with StableSoft™ Technology

DescriptionFinger length
​Shaft lengthCatalog #Units/Case
Assistant - 3L Back-543.tif
​Assistant Attachment 3L-three fingers
Long 6.05 cm W x 9.09 cm L
3.33 cm
Assistant - 3S Back-530.tif​Assistant Attachment 3S-three fingersShort 6.02 cm W x 5.38 cm L3.33 cm
Assistant - 2L Back-546.tifAssistant Attachment 2L-two fingers​Long 3.61 cm W x 9.07 cm L​3.33 cm
Assistant - 2S Back-534_.pngAssistant Attachment 2S-two fingers​Short 3.61 cm W x 5.41 cm L​3.33 cm


Sold separately:

Hercules™ 3 Universal Stabilizer Arm & Herc Flex™ Universal Stabilizer Arm

​Description​Catalog #​Units/Case

Assistant versuch 2.png(Assistant Attachment 2S connected to HerculesTM 3 Universal Stabilizer Arm)
​HerculesTM 3 Universal Stabilizer Arm, Shaft Connection
​Herc FlexTM Universal Stabilizer Arm, shaft connection

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