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Surgical Sealant


​Ideal for wet conditions

 AQUABRID® is a fully synthetic surgical sealant for aortic surgical procedures. In contact with water AQUABRID® forms an elastic layer within 3 to 5 minutes – making it optimal for use on wet conditions. AQUABRID® stretches and shrinks with contraction of the vessel, while maintaining a strong seal in the aorta.1, 2 AQUABRID® has been commercially available in Japan since 2014 under the name of HYDROFIT®.1, 2


  • ​How does AQUABRID® work? 

    ​AQUABRID® can be applied to natural and/or artificial tissue (e.g. aortic graft). The surgical site does not need to be dry, AQUABRID® requires blood/ moisture for reaction.

  • A thin layer of AQUABRID® (liquid) is applied to seal the suture holes. 

  • AQUABRID® absorbs the moisture/blood and doubles its regional volume.

  • ​AQUABRID® forms an elastic film after polymerization with CO2 release.


  tropfen.JPG Reacts with water - optimal use for wet surfaces, regardless of heparinization conditions

uhr2.JPG Ready to use No manual mixing or preparation required

elastic 2.JPG Elastic  - Stretches and shrinks with the vessel contractions

   schloss 2.JPG Strong - Maintains bond/seal in the high pressure  environment of the aorta

kuh 2.JPG100% synthetic- No biological origin or risk of infection

General specifications

Application of AQUABRID®
  ​Direct method

​ Apply AQUABRID® directly from the syringe to the bleeding spot
 ​Place or wrap the silicone sheet around the vessel (if needed)
​  Transfer method

​Spread AQUABRID® onto the included silicon sheet for areas hard to reach
application4.JPGPlace or wrap the silicone sheet on the bleeding spot
​Only thin layer of AQUABRID® required

Item specifications

 DescriptionCatalog #Units / case

AQUABRID® Surgical Sealant


– Surgical sealant (Content 2g)

– Silicone sheet (package of 2)

– Spaluta


 Designed and manufactured by Sanyo Chemical Industries and distributed by Terumo Europe NV.


1. Eto M et al. Elastomeric surgical sealant for hemostasis of cardiovascular anastomosis under full heparinization. Europ. J. Cardio Surg. 2007; 730-734.

2. Oda S. et al. Experimental use of an elastomeric surgical sealant for arterial hemostasis and its long-term tissue response. Interac. Cardiov. and Thor. Surgery. 2010; 258-261.

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