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Shipping Carton5000 units
Shelf Life5 years
Method of sterilizationEthylene Oxide
ReferenceColour Code



Needle lengthWall
Gauge mm
KN-1838SBPink181.2040 mm  (1 1/2")Thin
KN-1938RBIvory191.1040 mm  (1 1/2")Thin
​KN-2038RB​Yellow​20​0.90​40 mm  (1 1/2")​Thin
KN-2138RBGreen210.8040 mm  (1 1/2")Terumo-Thin
​KN-2150RB​Green​21​0.80​50 mm  (2")​Regular
KN-2232RBBlack220.7030 mm  (1 1/4")Terumo-Thin
KN-2238RBBlack220.7040 mm  (1 1/2")Terumo-Thin
KN-2325RBBlue230.6025 mm  (1")Terumo-Thin
KN-2332RBBlue230.6030 mm  (1 1/4")Terumo-Thin
KN-2516RB05Salmon250.5016 mm  (5/8")Terumo-Thin
KN-2525RBOrange250.5025 mm  (1")Terumo-Thin
KN-2610RBBrown260.4510 mm  (3/8")Regular
KN-2616RBBrown260.4516 mm  (5/8")Regular
KN-2713RBGrey270.4012 mm  (1/2")Regular
KN-2713RBKTGrey270.4012 mm  (1/2")Thin
​KN-2719RB​Grey​27​0.40​20 mm  (3/4")​Regular
​KN-2719RBT​Grey​27​0.40​​20 mm  (3/4")​Thin
​KN-2908RBKT​Red​29​0.33​8 mm  (5/16")​Thin
KN-2913RBRed290.3312 mm  (1/2")Regular
KN-2913RBKTRed290.3312 mm  (1/2")Thin
KN-3013RBYellow300.3012 mm  (1/2")Regular
KN-3013RBKTYellow300.3012 mm  (1/2")Thin

Please note that some products may not be available in all regions, check with your local TERUMO Pharmaceuticals Solutions contact for details.

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Assessment of Needle Insertion pain with flexor reflex responses... K. Okamoto, et al Pain Research, Vol. 27 2012, pgs. 215-225









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