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Tsunami® Peripheral - Balloon-expandable stent

​Laser-slotted stainless steel tube design (strut thickness = 180 μm)

  • Good flexibility in crimped state and appropriate radial force

Diameter-specific stent design with 12 diamond-shaped cells (Ø 5 – 6 mm) and 14 diamond-shaped cells (Ø 7 mm)

  • Minimal shortening and precise placement
  • Homogenous metal-to-artery ratio

Lateral-shifted connections between diamond-shaped cell rows

  • Good flexibility during stent delivery

High performance rapid exchange (RX) PTA balloon with helical-cut hypotube shaft

  • Smooth transition from the hypotube to the RX segment

Small opening angle of the balloon cones and long tip

  • Gradual flexibility, which facilitates ease of stent placement in angulated anatomies
  • Avoids stent dislodgement

Short, 15 cm RX segment

  • Strong pushability
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Shaft diameterProximal 2.4 Fr (0.8 mm) - Distal 3.6 Fr (1.2 mm)
Catheter designRapid Exchange, coaxial polymer/hypotube shaft
Guidewire compatibility0.014'' (0.36 mm) - 0.018'' (0.46 mm)
Balloon materialPolyamide (Nylon)
Balloon folding3 folded
Stent materialStainless steel
Stent designLaser-slotted tube with diamond-shaped closed cells
Stent strut thickness180 µm
Item reference​Usable length (cm)​Stent length(mm)Stent diameterCrossing profile​ IS/GC compatibilityNP/RBP
​CS-AF5012M3​90 ​125 mm0.059"5/6 Fr8/12 bar
​CS-AF5018M3​​90 ​18​5 mm​0.059"​5/6 Fr​8/12 bar
​CS-AM5012M3​150​12​5 mm​0.059"​5/6 Fr​8/12 bar
​CS-AM5018M3​150​18​5 mm​0.059"​5/6 Fr​8/12 bar
​CS-AF6012M3​90​126 mm0.062"5/6 Fr8/12 bar
​CS-AF6018M3​90​18​6 mm​0.062"​5/6 Fr​8/12 bar
​CS-AM6012M3​150​12​6 mm​0.062"​5/6 Fr​8/12 bar
​CS-AM6018M3​150​18​6 mm​0.062"​5/6 Fr​8/12 bar
​CS-AF7012P4​90​127 mm0.067"6/7 Fr10/12 bar
​CS-AF7018P4​90​18​7 mm​0.067"​6/7 Fr​10/12 bar
​CS-AM7012P4​150​12​7 mm​0.067"​6/7 Fr​10/12 bar
​CS-AM7018P4​150​18​7 mm​0.067"​6/7 Fr​10/12 bar

GC = Guide Catheter, IS = Introducer Sheath, NP = Nominal Pressure, RBP = Rated Burst Pressure
1 inch ('') = 25.4 mm; 1 bar = 1.02 atm = 100 kPa; 1Fr = 0.33 mm

Please quote above item reference codes when placing an order









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