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  • Unicoat™ technology: Uniform Coating with Micro-crystals
    • A solution of excipient, paclitaxel and solvent are coated uniformly onto the balloon.2
    • Once the solvent dries, a uniform coating of paclitaxel micro-crystals and excipient remains on the balloon.2
    • Paclitaxel micro-crystals provide a large surface area, facilitating drug transfer to the lesion.3

  • Thanks to Unicoat™ technology,
    • In animal studies, the Kanshas™ DCB has been shown to have a higher drug concentration in the tissue than do other products at 30 and 45 days.3
    • In animal studies, the Kanshas™ DCB maintained a 90 day tissue residenency of paclitaxel which is intended to limit neointimal proliferation. 3
  • With up to 200mm balloon lengths, you will need only 1 balloon to treat lesion up to 200mm.
  • Kanshas™ DCB's core wire design enhances wire support, allowing for excellent pushability with RX system.4
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​Balloon diameter ​4.0 – 7.0 mm
Balloon length ​40 – 200 mm ​
Nominal pressure ​​8 atm
​Rated burst pressure 14 atm (ᴓ 4.0-6.0 mm) , 10 atm (ᴓ 7.0 mm) ​
Compatible guidewire ​​0.018 in
​Catheter length 150 cm ​
Catheter design ​Rapid Exchange ​
Drug ​Paclitaxel ​
Drug dose ​3.2 µg/mm² ​
​Excipient L-Serine Ethyl Ester HCI ​

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2 Data on file at MicroVention FD15-0005
3 Kanshas DCB data on file at MicroVention, TR-15-159, animal study report, n=40. The other products' data were derived from literature and presentations as below. The end points of the studies from the other products were 30 and 45 days respectively.

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4 Data on file at MicroVention FD15-0005

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