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SoloPath™ Re-collapsible - Balloon expandable transfemoral access system

​Navigate through tortuous vessels with the femoral access sheath designed for precise trackability.

Designed to reduce vessel trauma in tortuous anatomy

  • Malleable design for precise trackability
  • Vessel expansion is obtained exclusively by radial expansion of the sheath
  • Low friction hydrophilic coating for increased lubricity

Designed to reduce entry site trauma during insertion

  • Low profile tip
  • Folded pre-insertion profile
  • Smallest insertion profile of any large bore sheath1
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Re-collapsed sheath outer diameter~ 30 % reduction in profile2
Tip outer diameter5.3 Fr - 1.77 mm

Smallest insertion profile

​​Solopath Re-collapsible has the smallest insertion profile of any sheath in its class.1 Even when compared to in-line sheaths, it has the smallest entry site profile.2 

Lowest insertion force

​​​Designed to minimize axial force and trauma associated with insertion. Choose Solopath Re-collapsible large bore femoral access sheath - with a lower insertion force than the leading competitors.

Item reference ​Insertion profile
O.D.3 (actual)  ​
Expanded sheath ​​Re-collapsed sheath O.D.3Working
length ​
length ​
Outer diameterInner diameter
SR-192513.5 Fr - 4.50 mm23 Fr - 7.67 mm19 Fr - 6.33 mm​5.37 mm25 cm20 cm
SR-193513.5 Fr - 4.50 mm23 Fr - 7.67 mm19 Fr - 6.33 mm​5.37 mm35 cm30 cm
SR-222515 Fr - 5.00 mm26 Fr - 8.67 mm22 Fr - 7.33 mm​6.07 mm25 cm20 cm
SR-223515 Fr - 5.00 mm26 Fr - 8.67 mm22 Fr - 7.33 mm​6.07 mm35 cm30 cm
SR-242515 Fr - 5.00 mm28.5 Fr - 9.50 mm24 Fr - 8.00 mm​6.65 mm25 cm20 cm
SR-243515 Fr - 5.00 mm28.5 Fr - 9.50 mm24 Fr - 8.00 mm​6.65 mm35 cm30 cm

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SoloPath™ Re-collapsible Multi-lingual Instructions for Use Product Info/solopath-re-collapsible-multi-lingual-ifu.pdfSoloPath™ Re-collapsible Multi-lingual Instructions for Use4/8/2015 10:00:00 PM{5EE90D74-BAD7-4C6A-A7C2-B202540C2E29}HayabusaArticleDocument77054ba1-476b-4af3-b914-9a049e0b9ba8
SoloPath™ Re-collapsible Detail Aid Product Info/solopath-re-collapsible-detail-aid.pdfSoloPath™ Re-collapsible Detail Aid4/8/2015 10:00:00 PM{62D8DF47-F825-476B-8EC4-9714DBF2ACB1}HayabusaArticleDocument77054ba1-476b-4af3-b914-9a049e0b9ba8
SoloPath™ Re-collapsible Brochure Product Info/SoloPath™ Re-collapsible Brochure.pdfSoloPath™ Re-collapsible Brochure 7/6/2015 10:00:00 PM{A2E54028-B36C-4DA0-A51D-306489624152}HayabusaArticleDocument77054ba1-476b-4af3-b914-9a049e0b9ba8
SoloPath™ Re-collapsible: How to use Product Info/SoloPath™ Re-collapsible How to use.pdfSoloPath™ Re-collapsible: How to use7/6/2015 10:00:00 PM{EAAACF52-B92D-4DB3-BDF1-6374B00DAD8E}HayabusaArticleDocument77054ba1-476b-4af3-b914-9a049e0b9ba8

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4 Van Mieghem NM, Tchetche D, ChieffoA, et al. Incidence, predictors, and implications of access site complications with transfemoral transcatheter aortic valve implantation. Am J Cardiol. 2012;110:1361-1367.

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