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Terumo Institutes the "Terumo Fellow" Program

4/18/2016 - Tokyo, Japan

Terumo Corporation (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Yutaro Shintaku) announced today the creation in April 2016 of the Terumo Fellow Program. The program is set up to recognize and appoint as "Terumo Fellows", associates with expertise and experience in their fields, and who have made outstanding contributions leading to innovation in medical settings and technology, research, and clinical development.

Four individuals have been appointed as the first Terumo Fellows.

Terumo has established its Global Vision as "Innovating at the Speed of Life," with the aim of achieving further innovation for the benefit of medical professionals and the lives of patients. Terumo will continue to pursue research and development that will produce innovation that benefits healthcare throughout the world.

Terumo Fellows

Atsuhiko Nogawa

Vice President, CV Division R&D, Cardiac and Vascular Company, Terumo Corporation

Outstanding Achievements:

  • Developed and commercialized oxygenator and related devices for use in cardiac surgery

  • Developed endoscopic blood vessel harvesting devices

Hiroyuki Yagami

Chief Researcher, TIS Division R&D, Cardiac and Vascular Company, Terumo Corporation

Outstanding Achievements:

  • Developed the first intravascular coronary ultrasound diagnosis device produced in Japan

  • Developed sensors, catheters, and materials for use with intravascular coronary ultrasound diagnosis

Dennis Hlavinka

Director of Engineering, Terumo BCT, Inc.

Outstanding Achievements:

  • Developed a centrifugal method for the removal of contaminations leukocytes from platelets as they are being harvested for transfusion.

Dragica Paunovic, M.D. 

Chief Medical Officer, Vice president Clinical, Terumo EMEA

Outstanding Achievements:

  • Led the global deployment of medical device technologies developed in Japan, especially by initiating and conducting early and late stage clinical trials in Europe and other continents.

  • Enabled global deployment of interventional systems products including drug-eluting stents and OFDI (Optical Frequency Domain Imaging) instruments, and many others.



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