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Terumo Europe Announces the Initiation of e-MISAGO Registry and Misago® Stent Range Expansion

Terumo Europe N.V., announced today the initiation of e-MISAGO, one of the largest registries in the peripheral endovascular field. At the same time, the product range of Misago® Peripheral Self-expanding stent has been expanded to cover wider indications

24/07/2009 - Leuven, Belgium

e-MISAGO is a non-randomized, prospective, multicentre, observational registry with the main objective to validate the safety and efficacy of Misago® Stent System in Real-World Patients. More than 100 European centers are expected to take part in e-MISAGO during the enrolment period scheduled till the end of September 2010, and targeting more than 2000 patients. The patients will be followed up at 30 days and 12 months.

Misago® stent has already been studied in MISAGO 1 trial which enrolled 55 patients (treated with 83 Misago® stents). At 6 months follow-up the clinical outcomes were excellent, with repeat revascularizations needed in only 3.6% of the patients and a restenosis rate of 8.5%. The results of an ongoing MISAGO 2 study which enrolled 770 patients in 79 centres will be presented at CIRSE 2009 and at TCT 2009.

Besides the already available 6 to 8 mm diameter Misago® stents, 9 and 10 mm diameters, mainly dedicated to iliac arteries, have been added to the product range. The new items incorporate the same top class stent flexibility to fit tortuous or bent anatomy. The unique rapid exchange delivery system is expected to significantly enhance stent implantation also in iliac arteries, particularly in the crossover approach.

About Misago® Stent

Misago® is the new generation peripheral self-expanding stent. It has exceptional flexibility and durability. Misago®'s unique, rapid exchange delivery system, allows for precise and easy deployment and promotes single operators technique. The initial clinical results are confirming design expectations.

About Terumo

Terumo is a global health care company dedicated to research, development, manufacturing and marketing of medical products and equipment, including pharmaceuticals, nutritional food supplement, blood bags, disposable medical devices, cardiovascular systems, vascular grafts, peritoneal dialysis, blood glucose monitoring system, medical electronic, and digital thermometers. The main company vision is to contribute to the society through health care using its unique technology which makes medical treatment kinder and gentler. Terumo employs more than 12.000 people and its products are available in over 160 countries world-wide.

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