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Terumo Expands Sales Collaboration in Japan with Biosensors for Nobori® DES and Extends Licensing Agreement to Sell the Product Overseas

Terumo Corporation (TSE: 4543 Section 1) and Biosensors International Group, Ltd. ("Biosensors", Bloomberg: BIG SP; Reuters: BIOS.SI; SGX: B20) announced today an expansion of sales collaboration in Japan and an extension of their existing licensing agreements, in regard to Terumo’s Nobori® drug-eluting stent. Through an expansion of existing sales collaboration with Biosensors Japan Co., Ltd., Japanese subsidiary of Biosensors, Terumo will aim to expand the sales of Nobori® drug-eluting stent. On another front, under the agreements, Terumo can continue to sell Nobori® for territories outside of Japan, excluding the United States, until December 2016.

2/04/2014 - Tokyo, Japan

Terumo plans to launch its "Ultimaster™" Silorimus drug-eluting stent from June 2014, which has already received the CE mark. By also selling "Ultimaster™," Terumo aims to achieve growth and expand the company's drug-eluting stent business.


Nobori® incorporates Biolimus A9™ anti-restenotic drug and biodegradable polymer developed and patented by Biosensors. It is now sold in over 20 countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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