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FineDuo® - Multifunctional dual-lumen microcatheter

Maintains manoeuvrability

  • Dual Lumen configuration avoids tangling of guidewires and improves guidewire manipulation1
  • Design at OTW lumen exit port generates greater rotation range for the guidewire7
  • Robust proximal shaft maintains its stability and manoeuvrability7,8

Achieves superior crossability

  • Double radiopaque markers for accurate placement, including a 1mm marker on RX lumen for clear visualization of the distal tip
  • Low profile, tapered flex tip and hydrophilic coating with strong back-up force provides superior trackability and crossability2,8
  • Stronger penetration force compared to a conventional microcatheter8
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​Item referenceNC-D724​
​Minimum guiding catheter inner diameter0.056" (1.44 mm)​
​Maximum diameter for the compatible guidewire​0.014" (0.36 mm)
​Effective length​1400 mm









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