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Superior crossability1

  • Hydrophilic coating and flexible distal segment enables advancement and access through tortuous distal vessels
  • Tapered inner and outer diameters ranging from 2.6 Fr to 1.8 Fr throughout for great lesion crossability

Optimal guidewire support

  • Fully stainless-steel braided shaft provides strength responsiveness, reinforcing lumen integrity and improving pushability
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) inner layer allows smooth guidewire handling with less resistance and facilitates exchange wire during complex procedures.
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Shaft coating

Hydrophilic coating


Stainless steel - SUS

Inner layer

Polytetrafluoroethylene - PTFE

Radiopaque marker

0.7 mm gold marker located at 0.7 mm from the tip

Usable length

130 or 150 cm

Conventional microcatheter

Finecross® MG

​Tapers from 2.6 Fr to 1.8 Fr over entire catheter length

 Item reference

Catheter length​

​Distal outer diameter

​Proximal outer diameter

​Distal inner diameter

​Proximal inner diameter

​Guidewire compatibility


​130 cm

1.8 Fr / 0.60 mm

​ ​2.6 Fr / 0.87 mm

​ ​0.018" / 0.45 mm

​ ​0.021" / 0.55 mm

​ ​Maximum diameter 0.014" / 0.36 mm


​150 cm

Please quote above item reference codes when placing an order.









​1 Muramatsu et al., Current technical and clinical features of the antegrade and retrograde approaches to percutaneous transluminal coronary intervention for chronic total occlusion, The Egyptian Heart Journal, 2014; 66:1-10.
Werner et al., Tools & Techniques: the antegrade recanalisation technique for CTO, Eurointervention, 2011;6:1137-1139.

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