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Technology that provides high accuracy

The Dual RS™ measurement technology with twin-beam optical sensors provides very accurate and reliable results.

  1. Reliable within hematocrit value 20-60%
  2. Not affected by dissolved oxygen or maltose
  3. Recognition of insufficient blood sample

ISO 15197:2013 compatibility

Meets ISO 15197:2013 accuracy requirements in the lab and at the user performance.¹

¹ Freckmann G. et al. Analytical and User Performance Evaluation of a Blood Glucose Monitoring System following ISO 15197:2013.
FREC1454D - Poster Session; 6th November 2014; Diabetes Technology Meeting 2014, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, 6th-8th November 2014.

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Helpful guidance

​The display shows helpful on-screen instructions and patient guidance:

  1. Easy to navigate with text and illustrations.
  2. Easy to read with universal font.
  3. Easy to understand error messages and suggestions to correct the error.

Patient support

  • Displays a smiley for blood glucose levels in the target range.
  • Alerts when blood glucose levels are outside the target range.

Post-Meal marking

Post-Meal marking helps patient by:

  • Managing glucose levels related to meals.
  • Adjusting target ranges related to pre- and post-meal values.

Ergonomic FIT-curve design

  • Fits to a variety of patient's holding styles.
  • Allows to measure when placed on the table.

Exceptional Test TIP

  • Individually packed Test TIPs are protected from environmental influence, like humidity and dirt
  • One-way Test TIP ensures correct attachment every time
  • The nozzle-like tip permits easy blood sampling
  • Clean disposal with the ejector lever
  • No coding

Simple data transfer

​Wireless data transfer via Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Placing the meter on top of the NFC reader unit allows records to be transferred directly to a computer.
(Requires an NFC Reader)

DIABASS® is a registered trademark of mediaspects GmbH.

​MEDISAFE FIT Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Product ​PiecesCode

Blood Glucose Meter


country related1

Medisafe Fit test TIP.pngMEDISAFE FIT
Blood Glucose Test TIP

Finetouch Lancing Device.png 
Lancing device
Finetouch Lancet.png TERUMO FINETOUCH

 1Please contact your local Terumo office









Medisafe FIT Glucometro Guida per l'utilizzatore Product Info/Medisafe FIT Glucometro Guida per l'utilizzatore.pdfMedisafe FIT Glucometro Guida per l'utilizzatore23/11/2015 23:00:00{AB445A54-79D1-4846-B7BD-252403AE1470}HayabusaArticleDocument<div>Medisafe FIT Glucometro Guida per l'utilizzatore</div>77054ba1-476b-4af3-b914-9a049e0b9ba8
EU Declaration of Conformity R&TTE Medisafe Fit Product Info/EU Declaration of Conformity RTTE Medisafe Fit BGM.pdfEU Declaration of Conformity R&TTE Medisafe Fit04/12/2017 23:00:00{F3622D61-EB17-4399-9AA7-88BE7E3C0F90}HayabusaArticleDocument77054ba1-476b-4af3-b914-9a049e0b9ba8
Medisafe FIT Blutzuckermessgerät Bedienungsanleitung Product Info/Medisafe FIT Blutzuckermessgerät Bedienungsanleitung.pdfMedisafe FIT Blutzuckermessgerät Bedienungsanleitung23/11/2015 23:00:00{EFD6B4BF-7EE4-467F-906E-6EF1A48B8689}HayabusaArticleDocument<div>Medisafe FIT Blutzuckermessgerät Bedienungsanleitung</div>77054ba1-476b-4af3-b914-9a049e0b9ba8
Medisafe FIT Glucometro Istruzioni abbreviate Product Info/Medisafe FIT Glucometro Istruzioni abbreviate.pdfMedisafe FIT Glucometro Istruzioni abbreviate23/11/2015 23:00:00{B43C6C10-6CB2-429E-9F5B-6E8AD7EE73AA}HayabusaArticleDocument<div>Medisafe FIT Glucometro Istruzioni abbreviate</div>77054ba1-476b-4af3-b914-9a049e0b9ba8
Medisafe FIT Blutzuckermessgerät Kurzübersicht Product Info/Medisafe FIT Blutzuckermessgerät Kurzübersicht.pdfMedisafe FIT Blutzuckermessgerät Kurzübersicht23/11/2015 23:00:00{5CCAE667-2FAC-4106-B4B0-5E51773C5D90}HayabusaArticleDocument<div>Medisafe FIT Blutzuckermessgerät Kurzübersicht</div>77054ba1-476b-4af3-b914-9a049e0b9ba8
DIABASS Driver - Medisafe Fit and Medisafe Fit Smile (Software) Product Info/DIABASS Driver - Medisafe Fit and Medisafe Fit Smile (Software).zipDIABASS Driver - Medisafe Fit and Medisafe Fit Smile (Software)28/08/2016 22:00:00{0082D0BE-4D2B-4810-986C-D04DAE9647EF}HayabusaArticleDocument77054ba1-476b-4af3-b914-9a049e0b9ba8

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