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TATO 17G MW Antenna treatment of an adrenal gland colorectal cancer metastasis

Clinical Case

59 year-old male with history of colon carcinoma and hepatic metastasis resection having a 3x2.5cm right adrenal gland metastasis which has progressed under systemic chemotherapy. Multidisciplinary tumor board concluded to offer percutaneous ablation. 


Under general anesthesia and after local sterilization 17G x 20 cm TATO MW antenna was advanced through the right adrenal gland metastasis by transhepatic approach under US and Cone Beam CT guidance. Following the confirmation of the antenna position, antenna was connected to the generator and activated for 5 minutes setting power at 30 watts. Cone Beam CT was obtained immediately after the procedure in order to exclude acute complication and confirm ablation zone.


MRI was the selected modality for follow-ups, scheduled one month after the ablation and 3 months interval thereafter. Complete response and tumor shrinkage were achieved in all MRI  follow-up including a recent evaluation which was 12 months after the ablation procedure

Products Used

TATOpro antenna , 17G x 20cm item code TTP1720CDCM

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