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Balloon-occluded transarterial chemoembolization using a 1.8-French tip Coaxial micro balloon catheter for hepatocellular carcinoma: Technical and safety considerations



A total of 31 patients received 70 sessions of B-TACE using a 1.8-Fr tip micro balloon catheter Occlusafe®.

​Level of B-TACE

​Sessions (n)

​Sub-sub segmental​11
​Sub segmental​35
​Right inferior phrenic artery​5

Technical Success

The overall technical success rate was 99% (69 out of 70 sessions).

As procedural complications, rupture of the micro balloon (n = 3) and aneurysmal dilatation at the site of balloon occlusion (n = 2) were encountered.

Blood parameters

There were no significant differences in any parameters between blood biochemical examination before and between two to four weeks after the procedure.


A 1.8-Fr tip micro balloon catheter Occlusafe® enables selective catheterization in patients with HCC and B-TACE using the 1.8-Fr tip micro balloon catheter is a safe procedure