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Improved Lab Efficiency

7/16/2019 -  

​Angio-Seal Early Ambulation and Early Discharge for Diagnostic Patients

Terumo data on file.


Objective: Assess the rate of complications, time to ambulation and time to discharge for diagnostic patients receiving the Angio-Seal vascular closure device.

  • 132 patients received 6 F Angio-Seal STS devices after diagnostic angiography from March 14, 2002 through September 2, 2002


​Time to ambulation
​Mean: 18.95 min.
​Median: 9.0 min.
​Time to discharge (post-deployment)
​Mean: 78.65 min.
​Median: 70 min.
​Time to discharge (post-deployment)
​Mean 59.91 min.
​Median: 60 min.
​Minor complications
​Major complications


  • Results of the study demonstrated that patients who received a 6 F Angio-Seal device could safely and effectively ambulate in less than 20 minutes and be discharged one hour post-ambulation