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Long-term function of Hydrofit®* as hemostatic sealant: abridged republication


Hemostasis is an important factor affecting the success of the aortic surgery. Hydrofit was developed in Japan and consists of a urethane-based polymer without blood products. By applying Hydrofit gel to an anastomosis site on the aorta, water contact initiates a chemical change in the forming elastomer which adheres rapidly and tightly.

Case report

A 42-year-old woman underwent redo aortic valve replacement 4 years and 8 months after the initial surgery because of recurrence of the aortitis syndrome. At the initial surgery, the aortic valve and the ascending aorta were replaced and Hydrofit gel was applied to both ends of the aortic graft.

At re-surgery, the Hydrofit gel covered with thin fibrous tissue was in place around the suture line without infection or deterioration. The surface of the graft and native aorta to which Hydrofit had been applied maintained a continuous adhesive condition as a thin-elastic sealant.

Figure 1: (a). Gross finding of the removed Hydrofit gel that had turned a yellow color due to immersion in tissue fluid around the graft. (b). Histopathological image of the removed Hydrofit, revealing fibrin deposition around the Hydrofit (asterisk); inflammatory cell infiltration inside the Hydrofit was not observed


The Hydrofit applied around the aortic graft suture line was without infection and functioned very well as an elastic sealant for a long period.

*AQUABRID™ is commercially available in Japan under the name of HYDROFIT® since 2014.

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