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Terumo® Closed Reservoir Stystem with Xcoating™

  • Integral screen
  • Volume control grid (optional)
  • Port orientation designed to optimize air handeling
  • With Xcoating™
  • Available with or without sperate cardiotomy port into reservoir​
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Reservoir System​ ​
​Housing material​Polyvinyl chloride (non DEHP)

​105 µ

​Reservoir capacity​1500 mL
​Venous inlet port​1/2" (12.7 mm)
​Venous outlet port​3/8" (9.5 mm)
​Cardiotomy inlet port​3/8 " (9.5 mm)
Description​Catalog #Units/Case
CXFVR1500X.jpg​ ​​Flexible venous reservoir, 1500 mL, with Xcoating™ and cardiotomy port in venous lineCX*FVR1500X​5​
​Flexible venous reservoir, 1500 mL, with Xcoating™ and seperate cardiotomy port into reservoirCX*FVR1500XC​5​
816181.jpgHolder for flexible venous reservoir, long arm​​8161811​
816173.jpgHolder for flexible venous reservoir, short arm​816173​1​
816185.jpgVolume control grid​816185​1​









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