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December 12 —

GulfPCR-GIM 2020

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Saturday, 12th December
12:00 - 12:45 Saturday, 12th December Video on Demand

What you need to know about DAPT in high-bleeding risk patients

Theme / Topic: Coronary Interventions, Stable CAD

Attend this session if you want:

  • To learn about drivers for DAPT duration
  • To learn how to assess HBR
  • To adress open questions about DAPT for HBR patients through complex cases discussion

12:00 Introduction and session objectives -  M. Alasnag

12:04 DAPT duration, what are the drivers and how HBR should be assessed 

- M. Valgimigli

12:16 Case 1 presentation - M. Alasnag

12:19 Moderated discussion

12:29 Case 2 presentation - M. Alasnag

12:32 Moderated discussion

12:42 Take-home messages - P. Smits

    • Speaker

    • Marco Valgimigli
    • Switzerland
    • Speaker & Moderator

    • Mirvat Alasnag
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Speaker

    • Pieter Smits
    • The Netherlands
    • Moderator

    • Thomas Cuisset
    • France

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