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Terumo offers an innovative thermal ablation technology for the treatment of HCC and mCRC

Find out more about our ablation products that can support you in the treatment of HCC and mCRC.

Safe microwave ablation of liver cancer in an elderly patient

Roberto Chiavaroli MD

CF, 86-year-old man with HBV infection and liver cirrhosis (CHILD A5, MELD score 7- oesophageal varices Fo) with unifocal HCC 26 mm in size in the right lobe (VIII liver segment) detected by contrast enhanced CT in February 2017 (Fig.1),PSTO (stage A-BCLC classification) AFP 96 ng/mL. The patient refused to be submitted to surgical evaluation.

Combined treatment (MWA&TACE) of liver metastases from pancreatic tumor

Roberto Iezzi, MD

59 yo woman in follow-up after pancreatic resection from advanced-stage pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (two years prior the presentation). In the interim, she underwent wedge resection of lung lesions, cervical cortectomy and fusion (c-6 metastasis) and several lines of chemotherapy (gemcitabine-based)...

Single nodular recurrence on the left liver lobe after previous right hepatectomy: treatment with TATO

Dr. Pablo Navarro Vergara

Man 55 years old with cirrhosis and HCV. Patient with previous right hepatectomy due to hepatocarcinoma (HCC) presenting a single nodular recurrence of 3 cm in the left lobe.

A 2 cm lesion MW ablation treatment

Dr. Pablo Navarro Vergara

Woman 76 years old with cirrhosis and HCV. Presents an hepatic LOE in segment VII of 2 cm of diameter in which is performed ablation with TATO ablation device.

HCC MW ablation with 2 antennas using navigation system

Hans Martin Gissler, MD

In a female patient 68 yrs. old with liver cirrhosis Child A MRI was suspicious for hepatocellular carcinoma segment VIII of 2 cm of diameter in the liver dome (Fig. 1). Tumor board transferred her to ablation.

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