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PLAJEX™ Pre-Fillable Syringes with Staked Needle

Ready-to-Fill Plastic Syringes

The PLAJEX™ device is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of drug types
including those requiring low reactive containers

i-coating™ is Terumo's proprietary coating that is applied to the surface of the stopper and bonded to the substrate. It is not a laminate and it remains flexible with the substrate.
Provides a silicon oil-free container for drug products requiring lower reactive surfaces.
This thin surface coating provides the unique gliding force for the syringe and stopper container closure producing a silicone oil free pharmaceutical solution.



  • PLAJEX™ provides this in a 1ml long, staked needle in a Cyclo Olefin Polymer (COP) providing lower reactivity with proteins, lower sub-visible particles, excellent strength and clarity, and it can be steam sterilized for a ready-to-fill nested presentation.

                       - Ready-to-Fill Format

                       - Silicone Oil Free

                       - Tungsten Free

                       - Glue Free

                       - Higher Resistance to Breakage

                       - Autoclave Advantage

  • Terumo's proprietary moulding process results in less defects with a higher-strength syringe.
  • PLAJEX™ will provide a higher yield in your filling and packaging operations since it does not have the inherent defects (pits, stones, air lines, cracks) or fragility of glass.









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