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SurGuard®3 – Needles with Active Sharps Protection

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SG3+1813*Pink18G x 1/2"
SG3+1825Pink18G x 1"
SG3+1838Pink18G x 1 1/2"
SG3+1913*Ivory19G x 1/2"
SG3+1925*Ivory19G x 1"
SG3+1938*Ivory19G x 1 1/2"
SG3+2025Yellow20G x 1"
SG3+2038Yellow20G x 1 1/2"
SG3+2051Yellow20G x 2"
SG3+2125Green21G x 1"
SG3+2138Green21G x 1 1/2"
SG3+2151Green21G x 2"
SG3+2225*Black22G x 1"
SG3+2232*Black22G x 1 1/4"
SG3+2238Black22G x 1 1/2"
SG3+2251*Black22G x 2"
SG3+2325Blue23G x 1"
SG3+2338*Blue23G x 1 1/2"
SG3+2516Orange25G x ⅝"
SG3+2525Orange25G x 1"
SG3+2538*Orange25G x 1 1/2"
SG3+2609*Brown26G x ⅜"
SG3+2713Grey27G x 1/2"
SG3+3013Yellow30G x 1/2"

* Available upon 

1 Comparative Hypodermic Needle Sharpness Among Major Brands: Results of an independant Study 2009

Please contact us for more details.

Please note that some products may not be available in all regions, check with your local TERUMO Pharmaceuticals Solutions contact for details.









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