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Navicross®- Support catheter

Your first choice peripheral support catheter

Navicross is a support catheter for peripheral indications that fits guidewires up to 0.035" / 0.89 mm in diameter.

Navicross is intended to guide and support a guidewire when accessing the vasculature except within the cerebral vasculature and coronary arteries. This device enables wire exchanges and provides a conduit for the delivery of physiological heparinized saline solution or radiopaque media.


Stainless steel double-braided shaft

  • Provides great steerability and efficient push transition in complex lesions
  • Offers good torqueability and prevents kinking

Minimal crossing profile and tapered tip

  • Guarantees a seamless transition between guidewire and catheter, facilitating successful lesion access and crossing
  • Angulated tip can be used for selecting the true lumen and navigating through bifurcated vessels

Three radiopaque shaft markers

  • Feasibility of accurate intraluminal measurement (e.g. assessment of treatment dimensions/positions of balloons and stents) because embedded shaft markers are positioned 1 mm from the distal tip—40 mm and 60 mm from the precedent marker band

General Specifications

ShaftStainless steel, double braided
Catheter length65, 90, 135 and 150 cm
Wire compatibility0.035" / 0.89 mm
Markers1 embedded and 2 swaged radiopaque markers
Tip configurationStraight and 30º angled
Sheath compatibility4 Fr

Item Specifications

0.035'' / 0.89 mm
Wire compatibility
65 cm90 cm135 cm150 cm
​Tip shape ​

Straight tip




30° Angled tip




Please quote above item reference codes when placing an order​









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