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Renma® - PTA balloon dilatation catheter

0.035" RX (rapid exchange) design

  • Rapid exchange facilitates fast and convenient device exchange, saves radiation dose and enables the use of short guidewires
  • Perfect match with the self-expanding peripheral stent Misago, which also features RX design

Semi-compliant 6-folded balloon with SiLX² coating

  • Low crossing profile and great re-folding capability for large diameters (Ø 7-10 mm)
  • SiLX² coating for smooth trackability and easy retrieval after multiple inflations

Dedicated shaft design

  • Combines the pushability of a stainless steel hypotube shaft with the kink resistance of a polymer shaft
  • For use in even cross-over procedures in sharp, angulated bifurcations
  • Maintains very fast deflation times
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Catheter designRapid exchange, coaxial polymer/hypotube shaft
Guidewire compatibility0.035" (0.89 mm)
Usable shaft length135 cm
Balloon materialPolyamide (Nylon)
Balloon folding3 folded (Ø 4 – 6 mm), 6 folded (Ø 7 – 10 mm)
CoatingSiLX² coating
Shaft diameter​Proximal Part: 2.6 Fr (0.88mm),

Distal Part: 4.0 – 7.0 mm 5.0 Fr (1.65 mm), 8.0 – 10.0 mm 5.2 Fr (1.73 mm)

Introducer compatibility6 Fr (2.01 mm)
Nominal pressure (NP)6 atm / 608 kPa



(mm) ​ ​
Item reference ​ ​Rated Burst Pressure (RBP) ​
Balloon length (mm) ​ ​ ​ ​Balloon length (mm) ​
2040608010020, 40 and 6080 and 100
4.0BD-C40201DNBD-C40401DNBD-C40601DNBD-C40801DNBD-C40A01DN16 atm / 1621 kPa15 atm / 1520 kPa
5.0BD-C50201DNBD-C50401DNBD-C50601DNBD-C50801DNBD-C50A01DN14 atm / 1419 kPa13 atm / 1317 kPa
6.0BD-C60201DNBD-C60401DNBD-C60601DNBD-C60801DNBD-C60A01DN13 atm / 1317 kPa12 atm / 1216 kPa
7.0BD-C70201DNBD-C70401DNBD-C70601DNBD-C70801DNBD-C70A01DN12 atm / 1216 kPa12 atm / 1216 kPa
8.0BD-C80201DNBD-C80401DNBD-C80601DN12 atm / 1216 kPa
9.0BD-C90201DNBD-C90401DNBD-C90601DN11 atm / 1115 kPa

11 atm / 1115 kPa

Please quote above item reference codes when placing an order.









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